treated as the slaves. Like a herd of cattle, we are transferred from a master to another master in last 217 years. Therefore, we shall now determine our life, our fate, and our future by ourselves.

  1. ADF Manifesto Article 4 states as follow, (vide  and .

"4. Our Political Action.
In exercise of our sovereignty collectively:-
(1). We, members of Arakan Democratic Forces, hereby declare that our Rakhaingpray (Arakan) is an independent nation as long as the 1947 Union Constitution is not in force.
(2) We, members of Arakan Democratic Forces, hereby declare war against the Myanmarism and its military rulers who violated the 1947 Union Constitution.
(3). We, members of Arakan Democratic Forces, also demand the United Nations and the international community to recognize the sovereignty of the Rakhaingpray Citizens in the absence of the 1947 Union Constitution and to 'decolonize  Burma'."
  1. ADF stands  by our Manifesto. Therefore, Myanmar is a foreign country to us. Our Rakkhapura Rakhaingpray (Kingdom of Arakan) is an occupied land of Myanmar. Any change in Yangon Government is immaterial to our Rakhaing Nation, hence to ADF, unless it is accompanied by 'Decolonization of Burma' and 'Governance of Rakhaingpray as an UN Trust Territory under the International Trusteeship System' during the process of decolonization of Burma.

  2. We, who are the independent Rakhaingpray citizens and members of the Arakan Democratic Forces,  in exercise of the sovereign authority collectively, present the following demands to the United Nations, to all governments of the free nations, to all citizens of the world, vide the ADF Manifesto at

      and ).

(1). To Decolonize Myanmar as per provisions of the Charter of the United Nations, Chapter XI and the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights,  and the United Nations Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries

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