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1.  I wish I were


In the cosmos of

originated or unoriginated,

neither exist nor nonexist,

I wish I were.


In the world of material or void,

neither created nor destroyed,

I wish I were.


In the realm of

consciousness or unconsciousness,

neither perceived nor unperceived,

I wish I were.


In space or place,

neither finite nor infinite,

I wish I were.


Here, there or nowhere,

neither present nor absent,

I wish I were.


Shwe Lu Maung (2017)

2. The race

(a loop poetry)


The supremacy of ace

ace is ready for the race

race is set in a place

place is in the yonder, wayfarer.


Beyond the hills

hills roll over the plains

plains crawl along the streams

streams huddle with the rivers.


Sail down the rivers

rivers blend the oceans

oceans fiddle with the waves

waves embrace the sandy terrace.


Trek the trail of broken fossils

fossils are the tales of the forebears

forebears are the naked wanderers

wanderers are caught in the skyscrapers.


Welcome to the modern era

era goes beyond the age

age is a spin of life

life is where the race is, wayfarer.


See it for yourself

yourself may be the racer

racer must be an ace

ace cannot fail in the race.


Shwe Lu Maung (2017)

Bo Gri Kra Hla Aung


1. From the hills of Himalayas

   You make your way  down to the south;

   Majestic on the horizon 

   You are the Lord of the Land,

   Beloved Roma Mountain!


2. Through the gorges and valleys

    Of the Rakhaing Mountains;

    With force and strength

    Determined and resolute

    I make my journey;

    Know that I am Ramchaung,*

    I'm Ramchaung. *


3.  In my valleys and in my folds

     You hoist the flag of victory;

     You adorn the flower of victory;

     You play the drum of victory;

     You sound the way to victory;

     You are the brave son,

     You, Kra Hla Aung.


4. Oh, Kra Hla Aung

    You love the land;

    You brave to restore the Land and

    The Crown of the Rakhaing;

    You dare to fight for freedom and freedom,

    Nothing but freedom;

    Radiant with courage, Kra Hla Aung,

    You are my leader.


*Ramchaung means the River of Ram  (Rama).



 5.  My leader, Kra Hla Aung

     These lands and these mountains are rough,

     Rocks and boulders are the flowers there;

     The lightening strikes the howling wind,

     The storm screams and the rain flies,

     But you fear not;

     "With the glaring fireworks,

     Grasp the trophy of freedom,"

     You call on the people,

     With your pounding heart,

     You are ready to die

     For the Fruits and Flowers of Freedom;

     There shall be the Crown of the Rakhaing.


6. Bo Kra Hla Aung, my leader,

    Day and night are the laws of the nature;

    Birth and age dictate death;

    You walk along the path of the nature,

    When the blood run through the ages

    There come the new generations;

    With fresh resolution,

    With fresh bodies,

    With Fresh courage,

    They will fight;

    They will make a new Land;

    Such is my belief

    Because, it is the way of my Land and my Heart;

    It is the Rakhaing way.


7. Through the gorges and valleys

    Of the Rakhaing Mountains;

    With force and strength

    Determined and resolute

    I make my journey;

    Know that I am Ramchaung, *   

    I'm Ramchaung. *


          Shwe Lu Maung (2000)

This Rakhaing poem and its English version is printed in The Rakhine State Violence: Vol. 1: The Rakhaing Revolution, ISBN-13: 978-1928840091(2014), pp 44-46.


9. My Poems



1/ [dr0EÅm awmif&if;csmrS

qif;vmjzwfoef; awmifbufpGef;wGif

rdk;yef;qifonf jynf½Sif½dk;awmif



2/ &cdkifawmif\


&DaygufBuD;BuD; &DpD;jyif;jyif;

tm;wif;rmef0if c&D;xGifonf

igyif&rf;acsmif; ig&rf;acsmif;/


3/ ig\acsmif;zsm; igh&ifMum;rSm

ysHvTm;atmifvH atmifyef;yefí



om;aumif;&Jacgif MumvSatmif/


4/ tdk?

=MumvSatmif+ jynfcspfarmif

jynfaxmifjynf0ef; &u©dKifheef;xD;

vGwfyef;vGwfoD; vGwfNyD;vGwfa&;

vGwfvyfa&;udk ya*;tm;aqmif

owådajymifonf AdkvfMumvSatmif





Bo Gri Kra Hla Aung is my leader. I worked with him in 1966-67.  I am his disciple and I honor him with this poem, first published in 2000-2001.


AdkvfMumvSatmif ighacgif;aqmif

awmawmif&DNrD ausmufyef;>cDESifh

vDAGDrdk;yef; rkefwdkif;Murf;vnf;

rcrf;rajcmuf tm;rmefawmufí

rD;aygufrD;yef; vGwfajrmufyef;udk

vufvSrf;qGwfcsL t&,l[k

&ifqltm;yD; toufyD;onf

vGwfoD;vGwfyef; &u©dKifheef;/



AdkvfMumvSatmif ighacgif;aqmif


ZmwdZm&m Asm"dvmí

tdkomtdkrif; tdkjcif;eif;vnf;

oGD;&if;udkppf rsdK;qufopfvQif

pdwfopfvlopf tm;rmefopfjzifh

ppfwdkufppf,l jynfopfxlrnf


ighjynfighESvHk; &u©dKifxkH;/



&cdkifawmif\ csdKajrmifacsmufMum;

&DaygufBuD;BuD; &DpD;jyif;jyif;

tm;wif;rmef0if c&D;xGifonf

igyif&rf;acsmif; ig&rf;acsmif;/


a½Tvlarmif (2000 jynfh)

I started writing poems since my high school days, but never get serious to be a professional poet. I just stay as an amateur. Some of my poems have been published in the student or revolutionary magazines. Some more of my poems are here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here. More, I shall post.

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