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Idea is the one that changes the world. With this philosophy, I write books and articles, in addition to my scientific publications. Someday, somewhere, someone will find my books handy.


Here are my books. They are all available on line at amazon and many other outlets, across the world.



1. Burma Nationalism and Ideology (1989)

ISBN-13: 978-9840511143.

You may read the this book at

2. The Price of Silence: Muslim-Buddhist war of Bangladesh and Myanmar (2005),

ISBN-13: 978-1928840039. Kindle ebook available.

3. The Rakhine State Violence: Vol. 1: The Rakhaing Revolution (2014),

ISBN-13: 978-1928840091. Kindle ebook available.

4. The Rakhine State Violence Vol. 2: The Rohingya (2014),

ISBN-13: 978-1928840107. Kindle ebook available.

5. Is Suu Kyi a racist? (2014)

ISBN-13: 978-1928840114.  Kindle ebook available.

6. The prima materia of Myanmar Buddhist culture (2016),

ISBN-13: 978-1928840152.

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8. My books

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