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7. My utopia


I follow a piece of ancient Myanmar saying:


aysmf&m edAÁgef? cif&maqGrsdK;/




Nibban is where you are happy; relative is who you love.


In every country I had lived, including my native land Myanmar, I actively participated in the people struggle to build a utopia on their respective country. My definition of utopia is a place where there is no poverty and hunger. On the other hand, I do not believe that poverty and hunger can be totally eliminated, in any absolute sense. Therefore, utopia is a conceptual state of society. At the same time, utopia is supposed to be a paradise on earth or lauka-nibban in Burmese, free of all forms of suffering. We, human, do dream a lot.


In Myanmar, I have twice joined the guerrilla camps with the hope of overthrowing the oppressive government and establishing a better society with freedom, equality and justice. I believe where there is freedom, equality and justice there will be a good chance of eliminating poverty and hunger, a step closer to utopia.  In other countries, I have worked as a R&D scientist for the development of education and infrastructure. However, everywhere, I faced a very steep uphill struggle. At the end, I sadly concluded that freedom, equality and justice are nothing but some forms of mirage. It is not simply a mono-factor such as a function of government but is a multi-factor including other players like the religion, education, economy, culture and individual or community perception of the world and humanity.


Now, my utopia is my family and my home where I can grow Capsicum frutescens. Among more than seven billion humans, I am so fortunate to be able to say so.  Nibban is where you are happy.

My utopia is where I can grow Capsicum frutescens.

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7. My utopia

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