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6. My religion


I am a biological scientist and thus I believe and work in the fields of natural sciences. However, religion is something of psychological nature. We now know very well that psychology is a manifestation of the brain function in response to nature and nurture, i.e. in response to natural and socio-cultural environments. We now can manipulate, control or direct the brain function chemically, electromagnetically as well as socially. These days, many scientists are exploring the scientific basis of religion. Even, the possible existence of  'God Gene' or 'Religious Gene' is being seriously researched. I believe that religion is part of the human evolutionary trait and one day we will discover the 'God Gene(s)' or 'Religious Gene(s)'.


At present, I view that religion is a source of conflict in the human society on this planet. People at large will take a long way to view religion in light of science and use religion for mental peace, psychological wellbeing, and harmony and peace in humanity.


Some scholars and thinkers have concluded, "God is Unborn and Uncreated; Unborn and Uncreated is Void; Void is Sunyata; Sunyata is Nirvana."  I am not a philosopher, nor a theologist. Nevertheless, I consider this perception unifies the religions and could lead to peace and harmony on earth.


When I study the religions, I find that all religions are common in five rules, namely (1) do not kill, (2) do not lie, (3) do not steal, (4) do not take intoxicating drinks, and (5) do not commit adultery.  Therefore, I consider that these five rules or precepts are the foundation of humanity.  I live in this humanity.

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6. My religion

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