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5. My politics


I believe in liberal democracy and representative government. I do not like the centralized government and establishments. I believe decentralization, local governments and cooperative business are the best for the sustainable development of humanity on this planet.


From the beginning of the civilization, politics have been shaped by science and the politics in turn has controlled the path of science. Therefore, science is in service of politics, but not vice versa.


In the context of Myanmar, my ancestral home land, I had fought for a United Republics of Myanmar (URM). I am a follower of the late Rakhaing revolutionaries President Kra Hla Aung and Red Comrade Chairman Kyaw Zan Rhee. President Kra Hla Aung envisioned for a United Republics of Myanmar (URM) and Red Comrade Chairman Kyaw Zan Rhee wanted a People's Republic of Arakan (Rakhaingpray Praythuu Thamata Naingan) in the United Republics of Myanmar. In saying a republic, I mean a people's republic, owned by the people and run by the people. In contrast, today's Myanmar is a national republic, owned by the racists and run by the chauvinists.


The books I have written explain the views and the struggles towards this goal.


In my politics, Prime Minister U Nu is the only legitimate head of a legitimate government of legitimate Myanmar. After him and his government, all other governments arose from the 1962 coup d'état and therefore are illegitimate. 


Now, I am a citizen of the United States and I have no problem with her constitution or politics. Rather, I enjoy my political life here.

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5. My politics

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