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My life is an ordinary one like most people, in the sense that it is filled with sorrows and happiness.


I was born in the last battle ground of the 1784 Bama-Rakhaing War. It is in the Kyein Province. My mother belonged to a clan of the Laymro Dynasties (11th to 15th century), with the royal seats in the Kyein Province. The capital was moved to Mrauk U in the days Laung Kret King Narameikhla (Mun Sawmon) in 1430. Kyein Province was the seat of the Crown Prince in the days of Mrauk U Dynasties. My father was from Uritaung Province and belonged to a noble clan that produced administrators and military commanders during the Mrauk-U dynasty. Uritaung Province was the royal naval headquarter in those days. My father was a land surveyor and cartographer, and was in the government's service since the days of British Burma. He also wrote non-fiction books. My mother was a teacher since the days of British Burama, and was my class teacher in Standard (Grade) III. Today, 80% of my clan members are the farmers, 15% are in the business and the remaining 5% are in the government services.


It appears that I would mostly like die in the United States, away from the place of my birth. Perhaps, it is just the way for many people. I miss my birth place Kyein Province where I grew up playing and running about on the Kyein Hills. I wish I never departed Kyein Province and die there. However, my longing for modernity and advancement of science spun me off from birth place in the tender age of 13, never to be back there.


I must say I was fortunate to get an opportunity to study up to doctoral level in the United Kingdom and became a biological scientist. However, the high-handedness of General Ne Win and his military government made me a rebel and left Burma in 1977. I twice joined the guerrilla groups, first in 1966-67 following President Kra Hla Aung and Red Comrade Chairman Kyaw Zan Rhee, and second in 1988-1991, with the Democratic Alliance of Burma (DAB).


However, I became disillusioned with the liberation movement and revolution because it all appeared to be as much warlordism per se as the military government of Myanmar. Therefore, I left the armed insurrection for good and wrote books on my experience.


I earned my living as a R&D scientist, with specializations in reproductive endocrinology, biotechnology and molecular genetics, and was able to author or co-author more than sixty research articles. Now, retired and settled in the United States of America, I have time to reflect on my life. On the strength of science and with the pride of a scientist, I crossed cultures and boundaries, creating quakes and tsunamis. One day, if I feel comfortable, I may write a more detailed account of my life.

Shwe Lu Maung, Ph.D.

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