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I am a Darwinist. In 1963, I read Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species and became a Zoology Honours student at Rangoon University. I used to walk along the Chancellor Road carrying the book and declaring, “I am a Homo sapiens, we’re all Homo sapiens”.  After 1962 coup d'état by General Ne Win and his colonels I became a rebel. Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species has made me clearly understand the science of common humanity. 


I became a scientist with the hope that science will be able to eliminate poverty and hunger in Burma.  However, the military dictatorship made me a rebel. Before retirement, I had worked as a R&D scientist in twelve countries and authored or co-authored more than sixty scientific research articles. I specialized in reproductive endocrinology, biotechnology and molecular genetics. Unexpectedly, I was also caught up in the Muslim-Buddhist religious conflicts. Based on my experiences, I have written six books on Burma.


My interest lies in the area of “science and civilization”—how science advances civilization and vice versa.  Therefore, I study science and learn the paradigm of civilizations. My interest probably was conditioned by the circumstances in my native land, Burma, where I grew up.

This is my first scientific publication. Sir Brian K. Follett is  my supervisor and mentor. The research was major break through in the avian reproductive endocrinology and photoperiodism.  During my scientific career, I specialize in reproductive endocrinology, biotechnology and molecular genetics.

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1. Who am I?

1. Who am I?

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