would like to urge all of you to be civilized and to gain social and political enlightenment. You are living in the United States of America, a multicultural nation, a super nation, a great nation.

Now, in the light of the above two political and racial concepts the Rakhaingthar have the following three options to undertake.

  1. Kill all the Rohingyas who are simply 'the Kulas', in the way Adolf Hitler killed the Jews. OR,

  2. Drive them out of the country as General Ne Win and Senior General Saw Maung did in 1978 and 1990 respectively. OR,

  3. Find a way to live in a formula of peaceful co-existence with due respect to each other as the compatriots, following the example set by King Saw Mon.

It is the duty of all civilized persons and civilized societies to establish, maintain and work for peace and friendship. Accordingly, ADF and I, as well as NUPA and ARNO have adopted the third option and now we live in peace and work together with due respect to each other as the compatriots. ADF supports NUPA-ARNO Alliance and NUPA-ARNO Alliance supports ADF. Most importantly, our nature of peaceful co-existence as the compatriots is well supported by the international community.  I will also defend King Saw Mon. He did right. After 25 years of exile in Gaur that was the capital of Independent Bengal at that time, what he did was politically right.  It was the Bama who colonized us and committed genocide at our Rakhaing Nation. The Bama had killed all able Rakhaingthar at that time in the same way they again did in 1784. King Saw Mon had no other choice. Today, the Bama say, "Yakhine-Bama the same; we are all Buddhists". With these words they beat and kill the Rakhaing men, rape the Rakhaing women, and enlave the Rakhaing Nation. They also form Karen Buddhist Army to fight against KNU who are the Christians. This I call Bama Buddhist Fundamentalism, which is a pillar of Myanmar Colonialism.
A nation is a flowing river; it is not a lake. Many tributaries join the river enriching the water with more nutrients and making the current stronger on its journey into the ocean. Similarly, a nation is always enriched by addition of new culture and new peoples. You are now in the United States of America. You will understand well. If you treat a nation as a lake it will dry up and die sooner or later.
It is up to you to decide. I know it is a hard decision to make, but you have to make.

My Dear Compatriots,
Now, let me come to the question our  ADF program -"Decolonization of Burma and Governance of our Rakhaingpray as a UN Trust Territory during the process of the decolonization of Burma". Our demand is already in the United Nations. Please see at  http://www.shwelumaung.org/central. Let me recite again.

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