and Islamic Theocrats  in the same way the Buddhist Expansionism is practised by the Bama racist Buddhist Fundamentalists and the Buddhist Theocrats. If you accept the philosophy of secularism and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights you have nothing to worry.  Treat everyone according to the Unversal Declaration of Human Rights and make sure that everyone treats you according to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Then, you have nothing to be afraid of.
Now, let me come to the question of the Rohingya. I (and my organization ADF) and NUPA  recognize them after 22 years (from 1978 to 2000) of personal contact and working together against the Bama racist colonialism. Together, we have suffered a lot in the hands of the Bama and also in the hands of the neighbouring countries. Having been in the same boat and having stood on the same platform for more than 20 years we recognize each other for our mutual benefit. After a long trial period,  we  now stand united against the Myanmar racist colonialism.
  I know many of the Rakhainghtar disagree with me, mainly with the argument that the Rohingya are 'the Kula'. The word 'Kula' that is pronounced as 'Kala' is Pali for 'foreign' or 'international, for example we call the United Nations 'Kula-thamaga'. I will discuss this issue very candidly here.
ALD wants to recognize 'the Kula' as the Rakhaing Muslims, but not as the Rohingya. It sounds logical, but politically wrong. Logically speaking, we should have recognized them as the Rakhaing Muslims in 1937 when Burma was separated from India under the Government Act of Burma 1935. We should have done this in 1948 when the Union of Burma formally declared her Independence. We should have done this in 1958 when the Mujahidens surrendered and proclaimed as the Rohingya. We should have done this in 1988 when the Muslims approached Dr. Saw Mra Aung for mutual respect and alliance. The Rakhaingthar failed in the last four occasions, spanning a period of 64 years (i.e. from 1937 to 2001),  and now it is too late..  In four occasions the Rakhaingthar have rejected them as 'the Kula'. It is my view that the term 'the Kula' carries the same racial meaning as 'the nigger' of the American language. It is very discriminating, very racial and downright violates the Universal Declaration of Human rights.
From the political point of view it is wrong to highlight the religious faith. If you recognize their ethnicity as the Muslims you are inviting Islamic Expansionism. The word Rakhaing is politically right since it derives from Rakkhapura which is a 5000-year old entity of our land. In 1958-59 national census, the Muslims of our Rakhaingpray identified themselves as the Rakhaing. The ruling authorities rejected it saying, "The Rakhaings are the Buddhists, but you are a Muslim; so you are a Kula". They all became the Rohingya in the National Registration Cards. 
The complaints in the names of the Rakhaingthars that are reaching my office say the followings.

  1. The Rohingyas are the Bengali Kula and illegal immigrants.

  2. King Mun Saw Mon, the founder of our Golden Mrauk-U Dynasty was stupid and wrong since he founded it with the help of the Muslim Kula Army.

I will ignore the rude and uncivilized attacks at my person and my family. These are simply infantile disorders of our people. Such infantile attacks fill 20% of my email box.  But I

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