In order to enter into a new era of renaissance  of  the Rakhaing Nation we must renew our effort with due respect to all peoples of the Rakkhapura Rakhaingpray, under the Banner of citizenry. There must be no discrimination of race or origin or faith. ADF uphold the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Please see ADF Oath at  Accordingly, with due respect of the 'Right of Self-Determination of every people', ADF recognizes the Rohingya identity for those of the Rakhaingpray Muslims who want to embrace the Rohingya ethnic identity. Please note that not all Rakhaingpray Muslims do identify themselves as the Rohingya. For example, my most-respected Ako Maung Tin (Brother Yacoob,  the former General Secretary of Arakanese Muslim Association) and Ako Kyaw Hla (Brother Kamal, the Chairman of Muslims Liberation Organization of Burma, MLOB) do not identify themselves as the Rohingya. The Muslims of the Southern Rakhaingpray do not identify themselves as the Rohingya. Now, officially I am also a Muslim. I am a Rakhaingthar Muslim. The Bama are not afraid of  Shwe Lu Maung the Buddhist, but they are afraid of Shahnawaz Khan the Muslim. When Shwe Lu Maung the Buddhist and Shahnawaz Khan the Muslim roll into one I alone stand as a formidable force to the Bama racial colonialism. I am no longer intimidated by the philosophy of  "Bama-Yakhne the same; we are all Buddhists". Because of this "Bama-Yakhine the same; we are all Buddhists" racist-theocratic philosophy we are being enslaved by the Bama.  Now it is very clear. "I am a Rakhaing, you are a Bama; I am a Muslim you are a Buddhist". This is my stand. I told every Rakhaingthar who is very angry with me, "As a Buddhist you believe in Thunthara, cycles of birth and rebirth. A person can be reborn as a dog or cat or snake or  worm. A person can go to hell or heaven or can be in limbo. So, what is wrong if Shwe Lu Maung lives half a life as a Muslim in this rounds of birth and rebirth. I do not see anything wrong. It rather gives me a very clear stand in my struggle against the Bama racist colonialism".
In the same way, many Rakhaing Muslims or  Rohingya Muslims do not accept me as Muslim saying that Brother Shahnawaz becomes a Muslim with 'a policy'. I have answered many times, "Brothers, if there is no policy I do not have a reason to be a Muslim. I can be the bridge between the Buddhists and the Muslims of Arakan". Besides, I am the only Rakhaingthar Muslim who can call for a Rakkhita Jihad against the Bama Infidels!
Now many Rakhaingthar are afraid that I might make the Rakhaingpray a Muslimpray. If the Buddhists do not pay due respect to Lord Gautama Buddha, Buddhism will decay. I have nothing to do. The Bama says, "Bama-Yakhine the same; we are all Buddhists", and they treat me like a dog at Akyab airport, whenever I go and visited them there. Is it Buddhism? Again, with these words they beat and kill our Rakhaing men and rape our Rakhaing women. Is it Buddhism? In protest, I abandon Myanmar racist Buddhism. I myself and the Muslims all over the world have great respect and reverence to Lord Gautama Buddha. Koran says, "I have my religion and you have yours". Islamic Expansionism is practised by the Muslim Fundamentalists

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