resources to fight against the Myanmar Colonialism. As a result, ADF, myself, and NUPA-ARNO Alliance today face rude and uncivilized, attack and onslaught from the Myanmar colonialists and their Arakanese proxies. Again, please remember. U Nga Thandwey was a Rakhaingthar, U San Ra Pway was a Rakhaingthar and it was also a Rakhaingthar who informed the military government about the plan of Ako Aung Sein Tha, Ako Htein Lunn and Ako Kyaw Hla alias Brother Kamal, who is presently the Chairman of MLOB.  Therefore, I will tell you to be very cautious.
Now, let me come back to our political paths.
At present NUPA-ARNO Alliance is on the road of the doctrine of Independent Sovereign State. Arakan League for Democracy (ALD) is on the road of the doctrine of Bama (Myanmar) Subordinate State as it opts for an Autonomy as a minority inside the Myanmar Empire. Recently, ALD (in exile) and ALD proper, both, subordinate themselves to so-called NCGUB and NLD, both of which are Bama chauvinist colonialist organizations. Both NLD and NCGUB recognize the Rakhaingthar as an ethnic minority. Similarly, they also recognize the Khamee, the Mro, the Kamen, the Rohingya, etc. as the ethnic minorities. Thus they divide our Rakhaing Nation into many small ethnic races so that they can rule. Very importantly, please note that both NLD and NCGUB recognize the Rohingya though ALD refuses to do so. As a matter of fact, the NCGUB even collects donation in the pretence of the Rohingya rights. In my view, ALD is in limbo. Our ADF is on the road of  the doctrine of a Federating Nation inside a Federation of Burma that I proposed to be called 'The Federation of Thuwunna Republics'. We, the Rakhaing Nation, shall be there as a Federating Nation in the name of 'Peoples' Republic of Rakhaingpray', as was proposed by one of our leaders  Chairman Kyaw  Zan Hwree.
Please see our ADF Manifesto at and
Our Rakhaing Nation is a Federating Nation in the Union of Burma. She is not just an ethnic minority among the 135 races of the Myanmar Empire. In 1990, at Menarplaw DAB Conference I proposed to establish Federation of Thuwunnabhumi and form a Provisional Government of Federation of Thuwunnabhumi, seized Tanessarim and challenged the Myanmar colonial masters at Yagon. I choose the name Thuwunna in honour of the most ancient kingdom of so-called Burma. Our Rakkhapura and Thuwunnabhumi are the two most ancient kingdoms. Our Rakkhapura was in existence in parallel with the Indus Civilization around 3000 BCE, some 5000 years ago. I  honour Thuwunnabhumi, the mythical Kingdom  of the Mon-Khmer peoples, simply out of respect. This is a gesture of goodwill from my part for the  greater unity with other Federating Nations of Burma. At that time DAB Army, if united, had 21,000 fighting force. However, the Bama peoples very cunningly played the game and formed the NCGUB and monopolized the power outside Burma as well.I gave full credit to the Bama. They are the masters of the power game. They may be inside the military uniform or civilian clothes, but all Bama are untied under the banner of Myanmarism. ADF has urged all peoples of Rakhaingpray

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