My Dear Compatriots,
We have three political paths that being followed by the Rakhaing Nation since the beginning of the 20th century CE. These are:-

  1. The doctrine of Independent Sovereign State, e.g. Peoples' Republic of Rakhaingpray (Rakhaingpraythu Thamada Naingan).

  2. The doctrine of Bama (Myanmar) Subordinate State, e.g. Rakhine State or Rakhine pyi-nay, or Autonomy).

  3. The doctrine of a Federating Nation inside a Federation of Burma, e.g. Rakhaingpray or The State of Rakhaingpray.

Please note the usage of the word 'the State' is very important. You have to understand its political definition very clearly. 

Let me also clearly mention the dangers that threaten our freedom.
In 1996, here in this cosmopolitan New York City, at the 'Burma at Cross Road Conference', I, at that time as the Diplomatic Representative of ALD, presented a paper. Those of you who were at that Conference will remember well. Our Respected Sara Professor U Aye Kyaw, Ph.D., Ako Nyi Nyi Lwin, Ako Kyaw Tha Hla, Ako  San Myint, etc., I recall well.  In that presentation, I  firmly stated that "Myanmar Colonialism and Islamic Expansionism paralyze democracy movement in Rakhaingpray".  If we want democracy that will lead to freedom in our Rakhaingpray we have to overcome these two dark forces.
The danger of Islamic Expansionism shadowed our land when the Muslims of the Muslims League of Burma that was formed in 1936 rose under the banner of Mujahiden.  With the surrender of the Mujahidens in 1958 the Islamic Expansionist policy came to an end in our land. When the Awami League defeated the Muslim League in East Pakistan and Bangladesh emerged as a sovereign independent nation free from Pakistan in 1971, through the bloody liberation war with the sacrifice of 3 million peoples the backbone of the Islamic Expansionism was broken.
Now, I would like to declare that with delicate, but determined diplomatic move ADF has neutralized the danger of Islamic Expansionism. ADF transformed the Arakan cultural diversity into a force, following the example of the multicultural nations like India and the United States, following, say,  the example of the New York City where you are assembling now. 'Cultural Diversity', if practised pragmatically with mutual respect and understanding, is a force not a weakness. Encouraged by the ADF's move, NUPA and ARNO come into Alliance in the interest of Arakan as a whole.  In brief, ADF and NUPA-ARNO Alliance agree to build a modern democratic nation based upon mutual respect and understanding, in the light of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. I would like to strongly emphasize that the danger of the Islamic Expansionism that hangs over our nation from the time of the Mujahiden insurrection in early 1950s is now effectively over. We have also taken formidable diplomatic move inside the international cmmunity to ensure our unity and national interest.
Since we have neutralized the Islamic Expansionism, now we can concentrate all our

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