time, the Myanmar people (a) committed a crime against humanity with a genocide killing about 250,000 Rakhaingpray citizens including women and children, (b) put a mass of 100,000 skilled labourers, artisans, intellectuals and monks into slavery and servitude, (known as Phya Kyuan or slave of Buddha)  at Mandalay and Pagan, (c) looted and carried away Maha Mrat Muni Buddha Image which probably is the first Buddha Image made in this world as early as in the 2nd century AD and (d) drove out more than 200,000 Rakhaingpray citizens  into the neighbouring British Bengal territory- making them homeless and stateless. At present about 1 million Rakhaingpray citizens are displaced presently outside Burma and about two and half million Rakhaingpray citizens inside Burma Proper has been intimidated and they do not dare to identify themselves with their origin.
Now, we have been living a life of slaves for 217 years. Beginning with King Bering alias Bo Chun Pyun our ancestors had struggled for freedom. King Bering waged the Rakkhita Liberation War against the Bama or Myanmar colonialists. His war was just, fair and legitimate.  Any body who abuses King Bering alias Bo Chun Pyun is the enemy of our Rakhaing Nation.
I emphasize here the Rakkhita Liberation Wars of King Saw Mon and King Bering because the Bama colonialist agents in various cover names are now abusing and attacking King Saw Mon and King Bering. Please watch out for such imposters who do not have any courage to reveal themselves of true identity. They are cunning and dangerous. King Saw Mon and King Bering are the Pillars of our Rakhaing Nation. Anybody who abuses and attacks them is our national enemy.
In my generation I have participated in the way I understand, in the capacity that I am capable and to the extent I am qualified. We have achieved keeping the Rakkhita Liberation War of Rakhaing Nation's Freedom Struggle alive. Armed or unarmed our Rakkhita Liberation War is just, fair, and legitimate. Armed or unarmed, our struggle is legitimate. 
Our generation and myself now enter into the twilight zone. Very soon we will disappear into the darkness of mortality where every living thing must go. By the end of this year I will be retiring from the active participation in the movement as I mentioned earlier to my Coordinators of ADF, Brother San Tun Maung (Rakhaing), Brother (Commander)  Khaing Re Myint  alias Hj. Sheik Ahmed (Rohingya), Md. Dawood alias Shwe Thaing (Kaman), Khaing Lin Kar (Khamee), Brother Aung Lwin (Rakhaing), and Maung Thein alias Fariuddin (Rohingya), etc., so that I can concentrate my time to write a few books as planned. Unfortunately, Br. San  Tun Maung, Brother Aung Lwin and about 32 ADF Members are under the detention by the Malaysian authorities at present. They were arrested after they staged a rally in front of the UN Office in Kuala Lumpur and presented our ADF Demand for Decolinization of Burma, in early January this year. You can find their letter at ADF web site http://www.shwelumaung.org/central. This means the Rakhaing Nation's politics will be mostly in the hands of the younger generation who are under forty.  I understand that this Rakhaing Conference will play a determinant role in this new era.  It is my duty to let you know where our Rakhaing Nation struggle stands at present in order to enable to you make a dialectical assessment and  decision . I would like to welcome you, the new generation, into our Rakkhita Liberation War against the Myanmar Colonialism.

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