"WE,  the Members of Arakan Democratic Forces, demand:-
1. To Decolonize Burma (Myanmar) and to abolish Myanmar racial colonialism and apartheid as per provisions of (1) the Charter of the United Nations, Chapter XI, (2) the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, (3) the United Nations Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and People (UN GA Resolution 1514 (XV), 14 December 1960), (4) the Universal Realization of the Right of Peoples to Self-determination (GA Resolution 52/113 of 12
December 1997), (5) the Third Decade to Combat Racism and Racial Discrimination (GA Resolution 52/111 of 12 December 1997),  and (6) all other relevant instruments.
2. To Govern our Rakhaingpray (Arakan) as an UN Trust Territory under the International Trusteeship System (1) as per provisions of the Charter of the United Nations, Chapter XII, during the period of  decolonization of Myanmar, inter alia abolition of Myanmar racial colonialism and apartheid, and until JUSTICE is done to the 1947 Union Constitution and its democratic institutions."

Why do we demand for -"Decolonization of Burma and Governance of our Rakhaingpray as a UN Trust Territory during the process of the decolonization of Burma"? It is because we need a peaceful period to make up our mind in exercise of our 'right of self-determination'. We need time to reach a national consensus for our future to decide whether we want to live (1) as an 'Independent Sovereign State' like in feudal days, or  (2) we want only an autonomy of minority as a Bama (Myanmar) Subordinate State inside the modern Myanmar Empire or (3) we want to live as a Federating Nation inside a Federation of Burma. As a UN Trust Territory, we can make economic development and establish political stability and go for a national referendum on the above issues. Once we have the decision given by the National Referendum we must agree to accept the result as legitimate and democratic, and abide by it. We shall all honour it as our National Consensus, even if the National Referendum Result is against our belief.  We have the right to differ. At the same time, we have the obligation to abide by the National Referendum. This is a just and fair. It will also have binding to the international community since the National Referendum shall be conducted under the UN supervision. I solicit your support.  I propose that our Rakhaing Nation shall be a federating nation in the name of 'People's Republic of Rakhaingpray' in the Federation of Thuwunna Republics.

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