Then, why did the Bama Nation use the force? More importantly, why such a noble personality like Mrs. Aung San Suu Kyi Aris joined hands with the dirty bunch of former military commanders who committed crime against the 1947 Union Constitution and its democratic institutions when U Nu was still holding the fort as the legitimate prime minister? Consider this. These former military commanders seized the power from our democratic government led by U Nu in 1962. When they became out of power they put the blame on the existing military leadership and tried to wrest the power again in the name of democracy. Still, they totally ignored U Nu. They did not honour 1960 election result when their pals lost the election, but they demanded to honour  1990 election result  since they were the winner then. They are a bunch of hippocratic power-mongers.  Remember! 1960 election was constitutional and legitimate whereas the 1990 election was constitutionless and illegitimate.
Under such unfortunate situation we, the citizens of Rakkhapura Rakhaingpray, have lost all confidence and trust in the existing establishments and personalities. No written or spoken words of Daw Suu, or Dr. Saw Mra Aung or the Tatmadaw will do the tricks anymore. Only positive actions will regenerate our confidence and trust that will initiate our cooperation in rebuilding of the nation.
The following is main strategic positive action that we, the citizens of Rakkhapura Rakhaingpray, would like to see. The Rakhaing Nation is a Federating Nation within the frame work of the philosophy, both theory and practice, of the entire independence struggle against the British rule. It was our 'voluntary association'. The Bama Nation's concept that we are inside Burma because Bodaw Phya seized our Kingdom in 1784 was nothing but Myanmar feudal racist colonialism. We did not surrender our sovereignty to Bodaw Phya, but our Founding Parents did surrender their sovereignty to the 1947 Union Constitution. In the absence of the 1947 Union constitution, the Rakhaingpray Sovereignty is back in our hands. Now, these are what we want to see.

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