The nation betrayed U Nu. As U Nu was the legitimate Parliamentary Prime Minister under the 1947 Union Constitution to which our Founding Parents surrendered their sovereignty he was the State vis-a-vis the Nation. Thus, Burmese Nation betrayed herself. In 1962, the betrayal was led by General Ne Win whereas in 1988-1990 you led the betrayal. As such Daw Suu, the Bama Nation, Dr. Saw Mra Aung, and his Rakhine Nation are guilty of collaboration. This collaboration is reflected in the increase strength of the Tatmadaw that reportedly is as strong as 450,000, of which 30% is made up of the ethnic Rakhaingthar. The Tatmadaw was 150,000 strong in 1988. A three-fold or 300% increase in Tatmadaw strength in a decade is not accidental.

The betrayal occurs because of the 1947 Union Constitution Chapter X: Right of Secession. I myself, my ADF and my alliances see that 'the 1947 Union Constitution Chapter X: Right of Secession' is simply bogus, a joke, even an insult to our Rakhaing Nation. The 1947 Union Constitution does not recognize our Rakhaing Nation as a Federating Nation, but provides the 'Right of Secession'. It is an insult. Especially so since the State Council, such as the Shan State Council, the Kachin State Council, and the Rakhine State Council (1960) etc., under the 1947 Union Constitution, is nothing more than a Tribal Council. It had less authority than a Native American Reservation Area in the United States of America. In this regard I would like to urge you to compare Bogyoke Aung San's Draft Constitution that was adopted by the AFPFL Convention, May 20, 1947, and the Union Constitution that was adopted by the Constituent Assembly on September 24, 1947.
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You will understand why our Bogyoke was killed.  Whatsoever it may, just a few lines after the Right of Secession, the Chapter XI of the 1947 Union Constitution gives the power of 'Amendment of the Constitution' to the citizens. If the Bama Nation and General Ne Win did not want the 'Right of Secession' they have every right and power to change it lawfully by the constitution per se. There was no reason or no need to seize the power and trashed entire Constitution and abolished all its democratic institutions. We, the Rakhaing Nation and all other Federating Nations were working within the limit of the 1947 Union Constitution towards the goal of restructuring the Union in a federal form.

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