Dear Daw Suu and Dr. Saw Mra Aung,
What shall you do in order to achieve Justice and overcome Injustice?

Nation-building is not an easy thing. I have presented the factors that determine the fate of our nation in my book 'Burma: Nationalism and Ideology', University Press Ltd., Dhaka, 1989.  In addition to the philosophical, historical and cultural issues that I discuss in my book there exists a great number of tactical and technical problems. I have presented these issues in a number of publications, a list of which is attached here. As you know nation-building is not a one-person or one-party job. It is everybody's job. Myself and the citizens of Rakkhapura Rakhaingpray are willing to rebuild the nation that was born as a Republic in 1948. Please read the attached message of mine to the Rakhing Conference 2001 at the New York City. It outlines our stand. Nothing is absolute, but everything is relative. You must open the door so that we can come in with confidence and trust to join hands with all other citizens of the Republic on the 5 principles of Justice that I mention above.
During past 4 decades of post-U Nu Era, citizen-value totally disappears whereas colonial racial value expresses in its filthy form. It gets escalated in last decade. If unchecked, it will get worse in the coming days.  The Bama Nation blame the Armed Forces (the Tatmadaw) for the all evils whilst the responsibility entirely lies with the Bama Nation as a whole. A nation is accountable for the kind of government it has. The Bama Nation must abandon colonial racism. The Tatmadaw is doing what the Bama Nation wants to do. Daw Suu herself abandoned U Nu and join hands with the former military commanders who are guilty of violating the 1947 Union Constitution and its democratic institutions. Thus, Daw Suu is guilty of collaboration. Similarly, under the Bo Aung Kyaw Lan Declaration 1989, Dr. Saw Mra Aung and UNLD entered into an agreement with the former military commanders who seized the power in 1962 from U Nu and abolished the 1947 Union Constitution and its democratic institutions. As such, he and UNLD are also guilty of collaboration. The Bama Nation supported the former military commanders under the banner of National League for Democracy while these former military commanders are guilty of violation of the 1947 Union constitution and its democratic institutions. All these violations were done in 1962 and 1990 in the presence of the Parliamentary Prime Minister U Nu who was legally and legitimately elected according to the law of the republic by the nation. If you two really waned democracy you would have rally in 1988-90 around U Nu who was the legitimate Parliamentary Prime Minister. In that give time and space, U Nu was Democracy and Democracy was U Nu. But all of you abandoned him.

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