Now, what is the Injustice and what is the Justice?
The followings are Injustice.

  1. Abolition at gunpoint of the 1947 Union Constitution along with its democratic institution is an Injustice. I have presented this in our ADF Manifesto. Therefore, I am enclosing a copy of the ADF Manifesto, which can also be found at our ADF web site

  2. Imposition of the State of Tagaung, Sriksetra, Pagan, Myinsing, Sagaing, Pinya, Ava and Konbaung in the place of the State of our Republic, Union of Burma, is the Myanmar racial colonialism and constitutes a paramount Injustice. This has been explained in my article -'We Demand for Decolonization of Burma: Myanmar Colonialism Defined'- dated June 03, 2001, a copy of which is attached herewith.

Dear Daw Suu and Dr. Saw Mra Aung,
If you two persons are ready to rebuild our nation on the Foundation of Justice I am ready to cooperate. What then is the Justice that contrasts from the Injustice that I mentioned above. The followings are the Justice.

  1. The Union of Burma that was born in 1948 was a Republic, not a continuation of the First or the Second or the Third Myanmar Empire or the Arakan Empire.

  2. In our Republic that was born in 1948, the sovereignty emanates from the citizens, not from a racial group like the Bama or the Rakhaingthar etc.

  3. In our Republic that was born in 1948, all citizens are equal in sovereign power regardless of race or origin or faith.

  4. In our Republic that was born in 1948, the citizens exercise their sovereign power through their legally and legitimately elected representatives.

  5. In our Republic that was born in 1948, any violation of the above 4 points of Justice is a crime that must face the law.

These 5 points are the Justice that contrasts the Injustice.

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