Subject:  Decolonization of Burma: The Road to Justice.

Dear Daw Suu and Dr. Saw Mra Aung,
This open letter carries warmest greeting and best wishes from the Arakan Democratic Forces (ADF) and myself. To get acquainted with ADF please visit our web sites at
You are the two key-persons who can change the political history of the modern Myanmar Empire. In a meticulously calculated process of power game the Myanmarese colonial military junta courts for your cooperation using the traditional stick-and-carrot policy. Recently, the junta has given you some carrots. A dialogue has been established with Daw Suu whilst Dr. Saw Mra Aung has been released. NLD and ALD parties will be allowed to operate in a regulated scale. In near future, you will be asked to participate in a new election that will be held under the newly adopted Constitution of Myanmar. This time, the Junta might even allow Daw Suu to run for the election as her British spouse Dr. Michael Aris has passed away. As such she cannot be disqualified for having an obligation to a foreign person or state. The Junta's election regulation that bans a person who has an obligation to a foreign body or authority from running in a national election may no longer apply to Daw Suu. This will gain a great deal of international approval and the situation may turn out rather rosy for the Junta. This is very critical.  As such, I determine that the time has come to write to you. Two of you can change the course of history.

When, why and how you should or you would cooperate with the military junta is the decision you will make. It is my duty to let you know our philosophy, our stand and our action in the given time and space. In the future, our action may change depending upon the twists and turns of the power games at Yangon whereas our philosophy and our stand as described in our ADF Manifesto will remain timeless.

In this open communication I would like to highlight the need for the 'Decolonization of Burma' as the only Road to Justice. I say so because if you try to rebuild the nation on the Foundation of Injustice the nation will collapse again in the same fate of the Burmese Way to Socialism that crumbled down with blood and guns in 1988.

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