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Please Free The Prisoner of Mandalay
Please Free The Prisoner of Mandalay

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Even the 'freeburmacoalition.org' a self-claimed Myanmarese democratic organization admits that our Maha Mrat Muni Rakhaing Buddha was robbed by their Bama King  Bodawpaya in 1784. These Bama colonialist Bamanized our 'Mrohaung' to 'Myohaung'. Our Rakkhapura Rakhaing Capital Mrauk-U (which means Apex of the North) was colonized and reduced to Myohaung meaning old city.  Whoever visits The Old City cannot miss the 'The Mountain of the Bones'. In that brutal and savage invasion the Bama Nation killed 250,000 or a quarter of our total population. Another 100,000 were chained and driven to  Mandalay. The Most painful event was that they have to carry Maha Mrat Muni Rakhaing Buddha, the greatest booty of the Bama. Since then  Rakhaing Buddha has been kept as the Prisoner of Mandalay. It will be 218 years on the 31st December 2002.