(8).  Introduction and practice of Myanmarism in the place of the 1947 Union Constitution is imperialism as Myanmarism is based upon the First Myanmar Empire (AD1050-1291), the Second Myanmar Empire (AD1540-1599), and the Third Myanmar Empire(AD1753-1824). Bogyoke Aung San said, "I do not approve of imperialism, whether it is the British, the Japanese or the Burmese variety", in his address to the supreme Council of the AFPFL, in August 1946. Myanmarism is the Burmese variety of imperialism and colonialism. We would like to emphasize here that our Rakhaingpray was not conquered by either the First Myanmar Empire or the Second Myanmar Empire. The Third Myanmar Empire did invaded and annexed our national kingdom in 1784. At that time, the Myanmar people (a) committed a crime against humanity with a genocide killing about 250,000 Rakhaingpray citizens including women and children, (b) put a mass of 100,000 skilled labourers, artisans, intellectuals and monks into slavery and servitude, (known as Phya Kyuan or slave of Buddha)  at Mandalay and Pagan, (c) looted and carried away Maha Mrat Muni Buddha Image which probably was the first Buddha Image made in this world as early as in the 2nd century AD and (d) drove out more than 200,000 Rakhaingpray citizens  into the neighbouring British Bengal territory- making them homeless and stateless. At present about 1 million Rakhaingpray citizens are displaced presently outside Burma and about two and half million Rakhaingpray citizens inside Burma Proper has been intimidated and they do not dare to identify themselves with their origin.
(9).  Introduction and practice of indigenous racial politics in the place of the citizen-based politics of the 1947 Union Constitution, by dividing the citizenry into 135 racial groups, is the Burmese variety of Racism. Termination of the recognition of the Rakhaing Muslims as the Rohingyas and abolition of the citizenship of hundreds of thousands of the Rakhaing Muslims who identified themselves as the Rohingyas could be defined as the Myanmar variety of Apartheid.
(10).  On the other hand, in the absence of the 1947 Union Constitution, the Union of Burma, that was born under the legal fold of the 1947 Union Constitution, ceased to exist since the day of 2nd March 1962.
(11). In the absence of the 1947 Union Constitution, the sovereignty of the nation dwells in the hands of the citizens.
(12). Now, sadly, our Founding Parents have passed away. Their duties, responsibilities, rights and obligations  devolve upon us who are their children.
(13) Accordingly, we exercise our sovereign power as guaranteed by the 1947 Union Constitution as per its session '3. The sovereignty of the Union resides  in the people.'

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