3. Our Political Philosophy.

We believe:-
  (1). A nation is citizenry who are bound by a democratic constitution, transcending the differences in race, origin, creed, or faith.
(2). A democratic constitution is a constitution that recognizes and honours the ownership of the sovereignty by the citizens and at the same time guarantees the equal rights and obligations of each and every citizen regardless of race, origin, creed, or faith.
(3). Violation of a democratic constitution that is legally adopted and lawfully practised in its democratic norms is a crime against the nation.
(3). Our Founding Parents pledged such a nation under such a democratic constitution and therefore drafted and adopted the 1947 Union Constitution.
(4).  The 1947 Union Constitution, that was drafted and adopted in haste, was neither perfect or complete. There actually is no such a thing as perfect and complete constitution. That is why there is a constitutional provision that is known as the 'Amendment of the Constitution'. The 1947 Union Constitution provides provisions for the constitutional amendments under the  sessions 207, 208, 209, and 210.
(5). One major fault of the 1947 Union constitution was its failure to recognize our Rakhaingpray as a Federation Nation and a Union State whilst it generously granted right of secession to a State under the session 201, 202, 204, 205, and 206.
(6).  Nevertheless, the 1947 Union Constitution provides a broad parliamentary system as well as much needed provisions for the constitutional amendments in a democratic manner. Therefore, it serves as the starting point  to renew our struggle for building of a healthy and happy nation.
(7).  Violation of the 1947 Union Constitution was a crime and it is a crime and it will remain as a crime until JUSTICE is done.

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