The Manifesto of Arakan Democratic Forces

  1. Arakan Democratic Forces.

We, the Rakhaingpray citizens who, in  unity, hand in hand, in traditional brotherhood of the Rakhaing peoples, transcending the differences of race, religion, creed, origin, faith or belief, founded and established Arakan Democratic Forces, ADF, with the sole objective of establishment of  Justice in our Rakhaingpray  (Arakan) and all over this world and universe at large.

2. Our Goals.

(1). To establish a new nation in the land that is presently known as the Union of Myanmar on the democratic principles that the citizens are the owners of the State Sovereign Power and that the Sovereignty of the State emanates from the citizens, and on the basis of the Universal Declaration Human Rights in this Family of Planet Earth.

(2) To establish Justice with due respect and honour to our democratic institutions that are  (I) the 1947 Union Constitution, (II) the Union Parliament that was legally established by our Founding Parents through the direct general election on the principle of universal franchise under the 1947 Union Constitution, and (III) the Union Government that was formed by the legally and lawfully elected Members of Parliament to whom our Founding Parents delegated their Sovereignty by the exercise of universal franchise in the elections.

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